Please buy your festival ticket first at:

Customers need to apply for the Accessible Facilities and/or a free Carer ticket, if this is required by using our Accessible Application Survey


Please use the survey to apply for:

  • Carer Ticket
  • Accessible Viewing Platform access
  • Blue Badge Parking
Please note that the accessible facilities are not for Customers with temporary impairments or circumstances such as broken bones, healing wounds or pregnancy. Customers concerned with any of these points can contact our Access Coordinator on

Supporting documentation &  registration

  • DLA/PIP—front copy only
  • Medical professional’s letter
  • Access card
  • Blind/Deaf registration card
We understand that these documents may not be applicable for every Customer at Glasgow Summer Sessions so, if you don’t have any of these documents, please let us know by emailing or calling us.  Your information will be stored securely on our encrypted server with only the Access Coordinator and 2 members of our Business Support Team having access to these protected documents.
Once you have completed the Accessible Application Survey and we have received the supporting documentation for this application, we aim to process the application within 4 weeks. If you select to stay on our database, you will not need to re-submit your documentation for any outdoor show run by DF Concerts & Events for the next 3 years, unless your circumstamnces changes.

All supporting documentation must be submitted before the deadline — 3rd June 2019 at 6pm

If we do not receive your documentation then your application will not be fully processed and we will not be able to guarantee the use of these facilities at the Festival. 

Ground conditions

The event arena floor will be uneven and consist of a combination of gravel, grass and limited tarmac pathways and plastic trackway. We ask customers to prepare for all weather ground conditons. As TRNSMT is a greenfield site, there are sections of the arena that could have uneven ground meaning that access to certain areas of the site may not be possible, especially in poor weather conditions. 


Points to note

  • The Accessible Viewing Platform is uncovered. 
  • Umbrellas are prohibited at the event. 
Please note that flicker, laser, strobe and other lighting effects may be used during the performances.