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As signatories of the  Green Nation Sustainability Charter, we are responsible for preserving the live music experience for generations to come. At TRNSMT 2023, we are continuing in our strong commitment to reducing the environmental and ecological impact of our festival. In 2022, the festival’s fans, artists, traders, bars and organisers made a huge effort to engage with our sustainability initiatives. We need this engagement to continue growing if we are to make this journey a success. 

Here is what we achieved together: 

  • Hired a new sustainability team. 

  • Recycled or composted 65% of all waste produced by the festival. 

  • Sent none of the remaining waste to landfill (this was incinerated to create EfW - Energy from Waste). 

  • Invested in 100% adoption of low-carbon HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) diesel to fuel our on-site vehicles and generators. 

  • We used 100% LED festoon lighting and 70% LED tower lights – beating our target of 50% and reducing the power consumed at the festival by lighting. 

  • Collected data on our carbon emissions so that we have a baseline measurement to start reducing from. 

  • Engaged local organisations Rags to Riches and Police Scotland Youth Volunteers to help us spread the message of sustainable fashion choices and reduce our litter. 

Thanks to you, 64% of guests who took our survey chose to travel sustainably to TRNSMT by public transport, walking or cycling 

We’re currently working on our action plan for 2023, where we will continue improve on the above by focussing our efforts on:  

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy use and travel. 

  • Developing even better systems to manage our waste. 

  • Working with local organisations to create more sustainability initiatives for you to take part in at TRNSMT. 

Your ‘Green Essentials’ Checklist 

  • Don’t bring anything from our banned items list – some of these are hard to dispose of and create additional harm to the environment.

  • Be mindful of your rubbish and use the right bin – littering makes items harder to recycle.

  • Plan ahead with your travel arrangements. Car share with friends and family coming to or dropping off at the event. Use public transport, cycle, or walk as much as possible. Remember everyone under 22 years old living in Scotland can travel by bus for free. More information can be found on

  • Consider not buying new clothes for the weekend, reusing or repurposing vintage garments, or if you must buy new using sustainable brands.

  • Reduce your meat consumption and choose to eat at least one vegetarian or vegan option from our traders. 

Vision:2025 is a growing network of over 500 outdoor events and businesses taking positive climate action. As members, we have pledged to significantly reduce our climate impact, measure our emissions annually and work together as an industry to share experiences and develop best practice in this area.