Google Assistant x TRNSMT Festival

We've Partnered with Google Assistant for TRNSMT 2019.

“Hey Google, play me Years & Years”

“Hey Google, play Stormzy.”

This year we’re working with the Google Assistant to get the festival vibes flowing quicker with your very own personal assistant on your phone using just your voice.

You can now easily play the tracks from our incredible line up, find the quickest way to get to TRNSMT and check what the weather is like on the day by using the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone or iPhone - for free.  

Try now by clicking on the links below: 

●     “Hey Google, play me Years & Years”
●     “Hey Google, play Stormzy.”

●     Hey Google, play me the TRNSMT 2019 playlist.
●     “Hey Google, show me directions to Glasgow Green”
●     “Hey Google, what’s the weather in Glasgow?”
●     “Hey Google, remind me to bring sunscreen.”
●     “Hey Google, remind me to bring a raincoat  .”
●     "Hey Google, Ask Trainline for a ticket to Glasgow"

There are multiple ways to access the Google Assistant. If you have an Android smartphone, Google Assistant is already on your phone -  just hold down the home button and try asking the queries above or download the Google Assistant app to your iPhone. Easy. 

Even if you don’t know the name to a song you like at TRNSMT (We don’t expect you to know every single song!) , just ask your Google Assistant to help you:

“Hey Google, What’s this song?”

Give it a go! It’ll make your life easier with just your voice.

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