Know what to expect down the front

The fact you will be in a big crowd may feel uncomfortable and going ‘down the front’ is a very different experience than being further back in the crowd.

If you are planning to watch some of your favourite acts ‘down at the front’ there are some things to be mindful of including the importance of not starting circle pits:

  • Don’t start or participate in circle pits – they are dangerous and can cause harm across the full crowd
  • Crowd movement happens at all shows and it’s important to help everyone around you if you find yourself in a difficult position
  • The event control centre are monitoring the crowd via CCTV at all times
  • Security and ‘spotters’ are on and around the stage watching for anyone who is in need for assistance at all times
  • If you need assistance when in the crowd, hold your arms up high in an X and CCTV, security, or the spotters will know you need help and get it to you
  • Take time to chill – there are plenty of areas around the festival where you can take a moment
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