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The Essential TRNSMT Guide

29 Jun 2023

The Essential TRNSMT Guide

Looking forward to TRNSMT but need some advice on what to expect?

Whether you’re a festival newbie or finally getting round to ticking TRNSMT off the bucket list, here’s our ultimate guide!

Getting ready

Your ticket: If you have bought a General Admission ticket from Ticketmaster, you need to view these in the Ticketmaster app as the barcode changes constantly, so make sure view it in the app before you come as there may not be a reliable signal at the gates.

ID: If you’re under 25 or lucky enough to look it, bring photographic ID. Photos or photocopies of ID will not be accepted – it needs to be the original version. If you have a Young Scot card and the PASS hologram is faded or if your passport has expired, bring a different type of ID with you because that won’t be accepted.

You’ll need ID to buy alcohol from our bars and may be asked for proof of age when you arrive at the gates. Details of acceptable forms of photo ID can be found here. Asking someone over 18 to buy you alcohol is illegal, and you risk being ejected if caught.

The TRNSMT app: Our app has everything you need to navigate the site like a pro. It’s got stage times, maps, and details of the full lineup, so you can impress anyone you meet with your amazing knowledge of the festival. You can download the TRNSMT App here!

Your bank card: We’ve gone cashless so bars and food stalls will only accept contactless or chip and pin. Contactless bank cards, ApplePay, GoHenry, GooglePay, and more are all accepted!

Plan your journey: Please use public transport to get to TRNSMT. There are 5 train stations within a 15 minute walk, Buchanan bus station within 20 minutes (plus, Under 22s have free bus travel across Scotland!), and walking routes from across the city. Check out the TRNSMT Getting Here page for more information.

Drugs and flares: Don’t, under any circumstances, bring these to the festival. They are illegal so, all you are doing is putting yourself at risk of being arrested. If you do have drugs, don’t take them all when you see the drugs dogs… That’s a sure-fire way to end up in the medical tent! Use the amnesty bins which will be located around the entrances to dispose of them so that you don’t end up in bother.

Water: Free water is available from water points across the site. Bring a reusable water bottle with you to stay topped up. Soft/collapsible water bottles no bigger than 500ml which are empty can be brought into the site. No hard plastic, glass or metal water bottles are permitted.

Drinking: Don’t over do it before you come in to the event

Once you’re inside

Get a feel for the site: It’s quite big and there is a lot to discover so familiarise yourself with the site map on the app and go slow at first until you get your bearings.

Arrange a meet-up point: You’ll need this. Being in a big group at a festival can sometimes feel like you’re herding cats. People wander off and it’s useful to have a designated place to find them. You can also share your location on your phone so that you’ll always be able to find each other. What3Words is a useful tool to help you share your location. Find more detail on W3W here.

Know where the welfare areas are: In case you or a friend overdoes it, our trained team is here to help. When ordering drinks, go for a spacer instead of a chaser and pace yourself throughout the day. The Help Points and Welfare Areas are there to help you when you need it or you have any questions so, make sure you use them.

Know what to expect down the front: Everyone wants to make sure they have a good view of their favourite act which could get overwhelming if you haven’t been in that situation before. If it gets too much, make your way further back in the crowd or ask nearby security stewards for help.

Refuel: We’ve got so many different food offerings onsite that we’re pretty sure you won’t be able to stay away from them but it’s super important to make sure you’re drinking water and eating throughout the day.

Look after each other: This one goes without saying but, make sure that you’re looking after yourself and others. If you see anyone who looks like they need a hand, please help them, or speak to the nearest Steward.

Mobile phone charging: If you're planning to be at the festival all day, be present and save your phone battery. Are you really going to do anything with 400 videos of the one artist? Put down your phone, enjoy the atmosphere, and save your battery. If you do run low on charge, phone charging will be available from 3Charging by Three at the Needle Monument.

Home time

Leave quietly: We love our neighbours and really want to them to get a great night’s sleep, so when exiting the festival please be mindful of the people living nearby. If nature calls, use one of the many toilets positioned just outside the site.

Look after your friends: Make sure everyone gets home safe. The group chat will be much better in the morning if you know they’re all okay!

And most importantly…

Have an amazing weekend! Nothing beats that feeling of going to a festival – and TRNSMT 2023 is going to be the best.