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Local Residents

Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT Festival is returning to Glasgow Green in July 2024, and we can't wait to share the music and extend a warm welcome to the visiting music fans from around the world right here in the heart of Glasgow City Centre.

We want to extend our thanks to all the local residents for their incredible enthusiasm, support, patience, and understanding throughout the planning and delivery of the festival – people really do make Glasgow!

If you're a resident of the Glasgow Green area with questions, feel free to check out the FAQs below for some helpful info. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on . We're here to make sure you're well-informed and excited for the upcoming festivities.

What can I win in the ballot?

A complimentary pair of General Admission Day tickets, for Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT or Hozier taking place on Glasgow Green in 2024.

Why are tickets allocated via an online ballot system?

The ballot system gives residents who received the ‘Local Resident Ticket Ballot’ leaflet until midnight on Monday 20th May 2024 to apply for tickets online without having to apply by post or by phone. If applicants don’t have access to the internet, local Libraries have computing and internet facilities.

How is the ballot operated?

Designated addresses surrounding Glasgow Green will have received a leaflet with information and the ballot is operated via an online form. Applicants complete the online form and will have the choice of ONE preferred event date to attend. We are unable to guarantee tickets to your preferred event date and, if you are successful and your preferred date isn’t available, tickets to an alternative date will be provided.

The data is verified by a process to ensure no duplicate entries are entered. Successful applicants are then chosen at random, to ensure the system is fair to all. This will all be carried out by computer software.

Who chooses who gets tickets?

A computer software application chooses successful applicants at random.

How many tickets are available in the ballot?

150 pairs of tickets are available.

What are the event dates?











The ballot link is not working – what do I do?

Please enter the link exactly as shown on the leaflet you received into your web address bar, please do not enter www.

The link works on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari internet browsers

I didn’t receive an email to tell me if I was successful or not – what do I do?

Those who have applied to the ballot will be contacted between 27th - 28th May 2024 with the results.

There can be various reasons why you have not received an email. We ask you to check your spam folder as your email provider may automatically send it there.

Other reasons include:

• A duplicate submission has been received for your address. If either your email address or postal address was used for more than one application, one of them was removed before the draw and an email would not have been sent.
• It may be that the email didn’t arrive into your server. It may have been blocked by your email provider or the email address was added incorrectly to your application.

If you have been through this process and can’t find your email, please contact

Terms and Conditions

Only addresses in receipt of the leaflet are eligible to enter the ballot. The catchment area is agreed by DF Concerts & Events and Glasgow City Council and covers those who could be directly impacted by the event.

Only ONE application per household will be accepted.

• Applicants must be over 16 years old.
• Applicants can only select ONE preferred event date, if successful, please note we are unable to guarantee tickets to your preferred event date and an alternative will be provided.
• Applications submitted after midnight on Monday 20th May 2024 will not be included in the ballot draw.
• Tickets are barcoded, complimentary and it is a condition of receipt that they cannot be sold or used for any marketing or promotional activity of any kind.
• There is no re-admission with tickets, therefore ticket holders who leave the event will not be permitted to re-enter the event.
• DF Concerts Event Terms & Conditions and Special Event Conditions are applicable. Please visit our websites for full details of these:

o Rockstar Energy presents TRNSMT: CLICK HERE

Distribution dates will be updated here once confirmed.

Once finalised these details will be updated here.

We will use an Email Alerts system to update residents should there be any changes to the information we have communicated in the 'Guide for Local Residents' leaflet*, so make sure you sign up to to receive these and we can send updates directly to your email.

*The Guide for Local Residents' leaflet will be issued closer to the event period.