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Nieve Ella

Nieve Ella
King Tut's Stage Friday, 12 July
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Nieve Ella has quickly become one of the most exciting artists in the UK. Following the release of her debut EP and first live shows in 2022 she has gained supporters from Radio 1’s Greg James, Jack Saunders & Mollie King to tastemaker journalists at NME, Notion & DORK, as well as a digital audience of 100k+ and over 3M streams. Having recently turned the pivotal age of 20, Nieve’s songwriting for her forthcoming second EP ‘Lifetime Of Wanting’ continues to tell the story of her first two decades growing up near Birmingham and the people and memories that have shaped who she is today. Reflecting on the collection, Nieve explains: “My first EP was based on my life 2 years ago - a period where I felt unwanted and unsure of myself. A lot has changed since then and with this new project i went in with a whole new mindset. The person I am today had to find a way to write about being in-love. Creating most of these new songs with Iain Berryman, i discovered this whole new way of expressing myself. At the start of this project i was only just coming to terms with being in love and making sure i knew how to express it to my fullest. live music also became such an important part of my life in the past year so i knew i wanted to make sure i fed that into this new era. the Nieve Ella love song era."