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The Essentials

Glasgow Green is a 5 minute walk from the Merchant City, located in the heart of Glasgow City and on the banks of the River Clyde meaning there are plenty of public transport and accommodation options available nearby.

Roads surrounding Glasgow Green will be closed and restricted to local residents only so please don’t bring your car as there is no parking at the festival. The recommended Pick-up and Drop-off locations will be updated on the website closer to the festival.

Friday 12th July

Gates Open - Midday

Last Entry - 9:30pm

Event Closes - 11pm

VIP Closes - Midnight

Saturday 13th July

Gates Open - 11am

Last Entry - 9:30pm

Event Closes - 11pm

VIP Closes - Midnight

Sunday 14th July

Gates Open - Midday

Last Entry - 9:30pm

Event Closes - 11pm

VIP Closes - Midnight

Stage times will be available on the event app nearer the time.

No under 16s are allowed entry into the festival.

  • A bag smaller than A4 paper.
  • The festival is cashless so you will need to bring your bank card or contactless device. All types of contactless cards and devices are accepted by traders, bars and funfair.
  • Bring an empty soft collapsible water bottle or pouch which is 500ml or smaller so you can refill this at the free water points across the festival throughout the day.
  • Small travel size sunscreen, portable phone chargers, lip balm and makeup, small cameras, sunglasses, wipes, ear plugs, and hand sanitiser can all be brought into the festival.
  • If you need to bring medicine, it must be clearly labelled in the original box or container and only be enough for one day. If you use a syringe, please take this to one of our first aid points where you can dispose of this safely.

A challenge 25 policy will be in operation at the event. You should expect to produce valid, in date photographic ID.

Only original IDs are accepted - Photocopies will not be accepted.

Access to Bar queues is restricted to persons 18 and over. 

Photographic ID must resemble you, and entry will be refused if there is no clear resemblance. It is a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to gain entry to a licensed event.

ID will be subject to further security checks, and we reserve the right of refusal on the basis that you don’t resemble your ID or we can’t verify that your ID is valid. 

If we cannot easily and quickly validate a facial match between you and your ID, you will be directed out of the customer queues into an alternative process which could cause you a delay.

We will be working with Police Scotland and other partners to ensure this process is as robust as possible and fake ID will be confiscated and passed to the authorities. 

The following types of ID are acceptable at the festival:

UK or International Full or Provisional Driving Licence

UK or International Passport

National Proof of Age Standards Scheme card with the PASS hologram (e.g. Young Scot, CitizenCard, My ID Card)

  • Must have a PASS hologram on it.
  • The PASS hologram must not be faded, damaged or tampered with.
  • If there is an issue with the PASS hologram on your ID, you should apply for a replacement card via the issuing authority as it will not be accepted.

This is in line with the national Challenge 25 policy.

Single use disposable vapes, bags or rucksacks bigger than A4 paper, glass (including perfumes), metal or hard plastic water bottles, food or drink/liquids even if unopened, drugs, flares (you will be charged by the Police), smoke canisters (you will be charged by the Police), flags, chairs, professional cameras, selfie sticks, umbrellas, weapons, frisbees/boomerangs and hi-vis tabards or jackets. 

You may be refused entry, ejected or worse still, arrested if you bring a prohibited item so familiarise yourself with what we won’t allow into the festival. See a full list of prohibited items on our Special Event Conditions - available on the Terms & Conditions drop down, below.

CCTV and Police Detection Dogs will be in use at entrances and across the festival site. You will be removed from the site if found with flares, smoke canisters or drugs (you also risk being arrested!).

Please be prepared for delays on entry for bag searches and ticket checks.

Portable chargers will once again be provided by 3Charging with multiple locations in the arena. 3Charging is available to everyone, and Three customers get free charging via the Three+ rewards app. Just show the app on-site to claim your discount.

We take our responsibility to safeguard customers and staff at our festivals very seriously and engage the best customer service and medical teams to help us achieve this. 

You should feel safe at our festival and be free from abuse, harm or neglect irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, domestic situation, religion, belief or sexual orientation. 

Event stewards play a key role in ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable event. If you find yourself in trouble or needing help, let our stewards know as they are trained to assist you and direct you to our other services onsite if required.

Welfare is a specialist festival customer care and support service found at various locations throughout the site. The team of friendly and experienced staff can support you with any needs from physical to emotional and provide a safe space to take time out.

If you or a friend have become intoxicated or become anxious and need to take time out, welfare has a safe non-judgemental space available where you can rest and recover. They can put you in touch with friends and family if you’ve become separated and will make sure you make it home safe and well.

First aiders operate from the festival and are there to support if you have a minor injury, ailment or mental health concern.  They are based out of first aid points identified on the customer map, with ambulances and paramedics on standby to assist with more serious health concerns or incidents. 

Additionally, a team of qualified A&E Doctors and Nurses operate from our festival medical centre and can help with more serious medical incidents and health concerns. 

Our wellbeing tent is located away from the crowds where you can find a safe space to chill. 

Our highly trained colleagues from Crew 2000 manage the space and will make sure you have the level of support you need to recharge and continue with the rest of your festival experience. 

Our help point is located near the ‘needle monument’ and staffed by a team of friendly event volunteers who can answer your questions and help you find your way around the site. 

There is no lost/found property location at the festival. 

If you are unfortunate enough to lose a personal item, please note that all property recovered by stewards is passed to Police Scotland and available to collect from the Monday after the festival.  You can call them on 101 to check if you item has been found.