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Katie Gregson-Macleod

Katie Gregson-Macleod
King Tut's Stage Saturday, 13 July
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Katie Gregson-MacLeod was just eight years old when she first sang solo in public. At the Inverness Music Festival, she performed one of her own songs, the aptly titled ‘Different’. Now, thanks to a life-changing summer, Katie’s songs are being produced by Grammy Award winners and her fans include stars of pop, stage and screen. “I found a video of that performance recently and, you know what, I wasn’t bad,” laughs the 21 year old who is about to become a household name. “The song had structure, a middle eight, proper chords. I don’t know who broke that little kid’s heart, but she was really going for it.” For as long as she can remember, Katie has composed songs, poems and short stories. From her early teens, inspired by Amy Winehouse, she knew that a career in music was her future.