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Seb Lowe

Seb Lowe
King Tut's Stage Saturday, 13 July
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If Seb Lowe ever finds himself in need of inspiration, the 20-year-old need look no further than the five names engraved on his own guitar. “Sinead O’Connor, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Eminem and David Bowie. They’re the big five artists for me and the ones I keep coming back to,” explains the Oldham born star. They’re an eclectic bunch, sure, but take one listen to Seb’s music and you’ll find subtle shades of them all – yes, even Eminem – in there. “I’ve had people tell me I should stick to one thing and ask me what my music is,” he explains. “But I don’t just want to choose one sound and I don’t want to be stuck there.” The singer might have just released one mini album and a handful of EPs so far, but he’s armed with the potential to become one of Britain’s most distinctive and powerful voices.